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Emerging technologies in the workplace

(Updated September 2022) The promise of new gadgets can be an alluring addition to a new workplace, and it’s easy to get caught up in the latest technology. Emerging technologies that focus on people, not just space, are now proving to be a more worthwhile investment for businesses. Rather than focusing purely on monitoring a buildings’ output, “Smart Office” technologies are now improving the way we work, meaning that businesses can get more out of their employees through increased staff well-being, engagement, and effectiveness.

Mobile apps, beacons, and integrated sensors are just some of many “Smart Office” technologies changing the way we work by responding to individual needs in real-time, and adapting the space to suit. Embracing a technology-enabled workplace that seamlessly integrating highly functional technologies, provides opportunities for businesses to promote flexibility, increase productivity, and staff wellbeing, as well as providing them with long term cost control. 

Explore a few examples of how new “Smart Office” technology is improving the modern workplace.


  • Increasing innovation through collaborative tools, such as digital whiteboards and click-share wireless presentation tools.

  • Breaking down spatial barriers through virtual/augmented reality meeting “chat rooms”, non-tethered ‘plug n’ play’ workpoints, and integrated wireless charging pads.

  • Tailoring the environment around you to suit your preferences through voice controlled room automation, and wearable devices that monitor physical, emotional, and cognitive states, triggering real-time spatial responses that improve individual comfort.

  • Assisting day to day organisation through Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA).


  • Monitoring and adjusting lighting, air or water quality to promote a healthy environment

  • Encouraging movement through wearable devices that integrate with electronic height adjustable desks, sending ‘stand reminders’ tailored to individuals

Sustainability and Cost Control

  • Allowing for maximum efficiency in all areas through hotdesk allocation systems and integrated digital room booking devices

  • Ensuring space is used most effectively, with real-time results from occupancy monitors

  • Monitoring energy targets through smart meters and sensors measuring real time usage of heating or cooling systems

Knowing that technology is constantly evolving—we are seeing waves of forward-thinking companies engage with our design team to develop their workplace environment with embedded smart solutions that ultimately increase the effectiveness and productivity of their workplace. As designers, we understand how to seamlessly and intelligently integrate these new technologies in a way that makes sense for the modern workplace. Technologies that once seemed like ‘science fiction’ are rapidly changing our perception of what it means for a workplace to be productive; these technologies are here now, and we are ready.

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