Valmont Emerging Leaders Program
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Nurturing our emerging leaders

Unpacking the purpose of our Emerging Leaders Program

From Marcel Zalloua, CEO

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting our inaugural Emerging Leaders retreat alongside our Strategic Accounts Director, Leigh Devine, and Learning and Development Coach, Jonathan Cawte. We had 10 up-and-coming team members from across our business participate, all of whom who have either been with the business for over 2 years or are newly appointed leaders. Below I unpack the intent behind our Emerging Leaders Program, what it represents, and why I believe it’s so important.  

Cultivating leadership qualities

Above all, the Emerging Leaders Program is about building for the future: identifying and nurturing our future leaders – talented people who’ve shown remarkable dedication, commitment and outstanding skills in their roles – and setting them up as potential senior leaders within our organisation. Not everyone aspires to reach the pinnacle of our business, but leadership is beneficial at every level.

Filling career growth gaps

Historically we haven’t had a consistent, structured Emerging Leaders Program to support the career development of junior team members. It was a gap in our system that resulted in missed career growth opportunities for internal talent when leadership positions opened up. The program aims to rectify this by providing a platform for individuals to enhance their potential, allowing them to grow their careers internally with support.

Building skills to create opportunities

Skills development is the cornerstone of our Emerging Leaders Program. A leadership journey involves years of developing self-insight and knowledge, learning new and refining existing skills and receiving the training and guidance needed to tackle new challenges. It takes self-reflection, committed learning and the application of skills and drive. 

Leadership comes in many forms

It is essential to recognise that leadership isn’t bestowed with tenure or a change in position; it’s about taking ownership, applying leadership skills and embracing opportunities to make a lasting impact. Everyone has the potential to be a leader within their department or team. Whether they envision leading a small group or an entire division, the program helps develop the necessary skills. It’s an important point because, regardless of aspirations, there are always people observing and learning from those around them.  

The essence of the Program

Lastly, it’s important to set out that the Program isn’t just another corporate initiative: it’s our commitment to nurturing talent, identifying potential, and building a future filled with leaders at all levels within our organisation. The goal is to cultivate role models who can inspire and guide others, ensuring a legacy of excellence and passion for our clients and our business.

To all participants in our 2023 Emerging Leaders Program, thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment. I will continue to cheer you all on as you continue to grow and forge successful careers.

To the journey ahead,


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